Social commerce usage in Thailand during COVID

Social commerce usage in Thailand during COVID

Social media, like its name, was introduced as a platform where the users can socialise and connect with one and another. We consume daily content in it as an entertainment, source of information and to engage with our real-life friends as well as people we don't actually know. But along the way, social media users have also developed a new consumptive behaviour related to its usage.

Nowadays, it is almost obligatory for any brands to have an official social media page where they advertise their products and engage with customers. Another new trend is how celebrities and social media influencers are making contents to review different products every day, convincing us that we need those products too. Its interactive nature has made us trust and feel close with those who we don't even know in real life. And apparently, it is a new way of advertising. This phenomenon is quickly noticed by those social media companies which now facilitate users with various click-to-shop features. And a new way of online shopping has formed: Social Commerce.

Recently, YouGov conducted a study about social commerce popularity in Thailand, especially during the COVID circumstances. We find that 56% of Thais shop more via social commerce during COVID, while 62% are satisfied with their shopping experience. The most popular platforms used are those with built-in commercial features like Facebook (58%), Line (35%) and Instagram (21%).

If you want to learn more about social commerce usage in Thailand, we have compiled a comprehensive infographic. Included are the average spending, the shoppers' demographic, the most popular products to purchase and the satisfaction factors among them.

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