When to use YouGov Omnibus?

Omnibus surveys are the ideal vehicle for shorter research surveys especially when live results and robust insights are needed quickly. Our clients use this survey during:

  • Pitch Support Turn survey data into a story customized for your target client. Develop headlines, pitch angles and "snapshot-style" charts and graphs easily to add credibility to your recommendations in a pitch
  • Poll Public Opinion Test a hypothesis or idea with either a general or targetted audience before making a significant resource investment
  • Evaluate Marketing Video or Imagess Tests for copy, video, image or web before launch
  • Test Copy/Messaging Test quotable content to be used for marketing claims
  • Advertising Effectiveness Measure the effectiveness of different metrics at different stages of advertising campaigns
  • Media/Channel Evaluation Identify opportunities to optimize communication channels and content mix
  • Brand Health Replace or complement existing internal brand health and equity tracking systems
  • NPD/Concept Evaluation Run quick sensing exercises to determine perceptions towards new concepts and product development
  • Launch Tracking Measure key metrics to understand the impact of a new product launches across a portfolio of your own and competitor brands
  • Promotion/Price Tracking Test the impact of pricing and promotions on consumer purchase behavior
  • Customer Satisfaction Track key performance measures linked to customer loyalty
  • Reputation or Crisis Management Obtain rapid and reliable feedback as major events unfold
  • Make Business Plan Identify the industry trend and market needs to make customer/ prospect-led strategic decisions




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