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Every working day, YouGov interviews thousands of people from its panel of 2.5 million people worldwide online, collecting BrandIndex data that is nationally representative of adults in each market.

The online reporting tool

The online reporting tool has been designed to provide clear and instant access to the data. Using the dashboard you can choose which brands and sectors to view, over what time period and your preferred chart type. You can also set brand and sector level benchmarks, allowing you to check performance in the context of key markets. Data can be viewed by standard demographics and, depending on your region, by a wide range of custom filters.

All of your preferences can be saved for ease of use, enabling you to view key data sets immediately upon logging in. Its flexibility makes BrandIndex the perfect tool for a quick check of your brand’s health (and your competitors’), and more comprehensive market assessments.


In addition to the daily syndicated survey, you have the ability to overlay specific custom questions into the BrandIndex survey – either on an ongoing basis or during specific time periods when market conditions are driving changes in consumer perception of your brand.

Custom Filters

Custom filters can be used to track highly targeted consumer segments, isolating the impact of a campaign on its target audience for more accurate performance evaluation. 


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